Useful Information

Telephone numbers
Please note that the number below can only be dialed within the Netherlands.
National Emergency number : 112
Police, no emergency : +31 (0)900-8844
Car problems : +31 (0)88-269 2888 (ANWB)

KLM / Air France: +31 (0)20-474-7747
Delta Airlines : +31 (0)20-721-9128
United Airlines : +31 (0)20-346-9381
Lufthansa : +31 (0)20-721-9242
British Airways : +31 (0)20-346-9559

Rental Car Companies
Companies like Avis, Hertz, Budget, Europcar and Sixt are located in the larger cities and at all Airports.
The following phone numbers are from rental companies at Schiphol Airport.
Avis : +31 (0)88-284-7000
Hertz : +31 (0)20-502-0227
Budget : +31 (0)20-284-7500
Europecar : +31 (0)20-900-5555
Sixt : +31 (0)23-569 8656

Credit Cards
Credit Cards are well accepted in the Netherlands.
American Express : +31 (0)20-5048000 or +31 (0)20-574-5718 (24-hours)
Master Card : +31 (0)800-0225821
Visa Card : +31 (0)20-660-0611

All Dutch taxis can be recognized by a blue licence plate.
Amsterdam (TCA) : +31 (0)20-777-7777
The Hague (HTMC) : +31 (0)70-390-7722
Rotterdam (RTC) : +31 (0)10-462-6060
Maastricht (TSM) : +31 (0)43-260-6666
Utrecht (UTC) : +31 (0)30-777-7777

The American Embassy is located in The Hague at Lange Voorhout 2.
The American Consulate is located in Amsterdam at Museumplein 19.
You can reach them weekdays between 1.30pm and 4.30pm at +31 (0)20-575-5309.
In case of an emergency before or after opening hours, you can contact the duty officer at:
+31 (0)70-310-2209.

The Canadian Embassy is located in The Hague at Sophialaan 7.
You can reach the weekdays between 10am and 1pm and from 2pm until 4.30pm at:
+31 (0)70-311-1600.

Banks & Money
There are 56 banks in the Netherlands, including well-known ones like:|
Rabobank, ABN Amro, ING, SNS, GWK
Banks are normally open between 9am and 9pm.
On Saturday some banks are open between 9am and 2pm.
On Sunday, except the GWK banks are closed.
You can only exchange foreign money at the GWK bank and at the ABN Amro bank at Schiphol Airport. GWK banks are only located in the larger cities, normally at the train stations.
Checks including travelers checks and or any other checks are not accepted in the Netherlands.
ATM machines can be found everywhere.

There are a large number of providers in the Netherlands, like:
KPN, Vodafone, T Mobile, Telfort and several others.
Make sure you have your phone on “automatic network”.
Manually you can put it on either 900 / 1800 GSM network.
Prepaid cards can be bought at telecom stores, grocery stores or at most book stores.
For example at Belcompany, Albert Heijn or at AKO stores.
The Netherlands have a 4G and 5G network for fast wireless Internet.
At many spots you have free wireless Internet like at Mc Donalds and at Schiphol Airport.
Most hotels also offer free wireless Internet.

Stores are generally open between 9am and 6pm.
On Monday stores normally open after 1pm, department stores after 11am.
On Saturday most stores close at 5pm.
Stores in Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam are open on Sunday between Noon and 5pm.
Other cities have chosen to be open on the first or last Sunday of the month like Maastricht and Utrecht.
Every city also has an evening opening.
Amsterdam, The Hague and Maastricht have an evening opening on Thursday until 9pm.
Rotterdam has an evening opening on Friday until 9pm.

Tipping is always at the guests’ discretion; we we can only tell by experience with past guests:
For a full day, tour guests tip the guide between Euro 50.- and 100.- total.
For a ½ day, tour guests tip the guide between Euro 30.- and 50.- total.
Airport driver between Euro 5.- and 10.- total.
Full day driver between Euro 40.- and 80.- total.
1/2-day driver between Euro 20.- and 40.- total.
A saloon boat captain, usually between €10 and €20.
In restaurants, people usually tip between 5 and 10%. The higher the amount, the lower the percentage.

Public Holidays in 2023
New Years Day : January 1
Good Friday : Friday April 7
Easter : Sunday April 9 and Monday April 10
King’s Day : Thursday April 27
Memorial Day : Thursday May 4
Liberation Day : Friday May 5
Ascension Day : Thursday May 18
Pentecost : Sunday May 28 and Monday May 29
Christmas : Monday December 25 and Tuesday December 26

Interesting Facts

The Netherlands is a Monarchy
Our King is Willem-Alexander. He lives in The Hague, also called the Royal city, together with his wife Queen Maxima, and their three daughters. Their eldest daughter Amalia is our Crown Princess.

Population the Netherlands : 17.08 million
Capital city : Amsterdam with 800.000,00 inhabitants.
Government is seated in The Hague.
Prime minister : Mr. Mark Rutte
Largest export product : Flowers
Twelve provinces are : Zeeland, North Holland, South Holland, Groningen, Friesland,
Gelderland, Overijssel, Brabant, Limburg, Utrecht, Flevoland and Drenthe.