Vecht Cruise and Castle Zuylen


The Netherlands

Cruise on the River Vecht with a visit to Slot Zuylen




The River Vecht

9.15am (depending on location) After breakfast, your English-speaking guide is ready to take you for a 35-minute drive by luxurious private car to the picturesque village Loenen aan de Vecht, where you will board a historical private saloon boat for a 2.5-hour cruise on the Vecht River in the direction of Slot Zuylen.

Boating along the Vecht means boating past beautiful estates and picturesque villages where small bridges only open up for us. During the 17th and 18th centuries, the rich merchants of Amsterdam built 200 estates along the Vecht, looking to invest their wealth and for a peaceful retreat in the spacious outdoors. They spent their summers here, returning in the winters to their homes along the Amsterdam canals. Life was good out in the countryside; they received guests, went hunting or fishing, boating on the river or drank tea in their tea pavilions.

Along the Vecht you will see many of these tea pavilions. Each estate had its own tea pavilion, and no two were alike. Some of them were built with a boathouse beneath them, some were round and others square, some had a thatch roof, others a roof of lead. It was a place that people enjoyed to sit: to see and be seen. It was important to people at that time to show off their wealth. Such a pavilion put them in full view, so that all those passing could see that they drank tea, a very expensive drink in the 17th century!

12.30pm The cruise will end in Oud Zuylen where you will be taken to, and guided tour of Castle “Slot” Zuylen.

Slot Zuylen Castle

Slot Zuylen Castle

Slot Zuylen Castle is situated on the river Vecht in the tiny village of Oud-Zuilen near Utrecht. Whilst retaining many of its medieval castle-like features it was converted into a country mansion in the 18th century. Its most famous resident was Belle van Zuylen (Isabelle de Charrière), writer of fame and feminist avant la lettre. Slot Zuylen opened its doors to visitors 60 years ago and has meanwhile acquired museum status. The past is recalled to life through guided tours, garden walks, concerts and special events.

Before our guided tour, there will be leisure time for lunch at Brasserie Oud Zuilen, beautifully located with a view over the Vecht River.

3.30pm From here we continue back to your hotel in Amsterdam where you have the remainder of the day for your own leisure. We arrive back in Amsterdam around 4.15pm.


End of Service



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