Restaurant Fred



Restaurant FRED


At the end of the skyline of the meuse boulevard in Rotterdam, you’ll find the cosmopolitain restaurant FRED. The interior is controversial. Note the handmade golden ceiling and the ladies room made from cut glass.

In an atmosphere of relaxed Rotterdam with a touch of art deco from the past, patron chef Fred Mustert creates his dishes with honest, rich and where possible, local ingredients. Lobster and scallops, veal tartar with prawns, aspargus and morels. Fred has a straightforward way to cooking, light and refined, just like the Rotterdam lifestyle. Quirky wine menu with a wide range of half bottles.


RESTAURANT FRED was recently awarded its second Michelin star.


Honingerdijk 263-265
3063 AM Kralingen

Tel:       (010) 212 01 10
Fax:      (010) 212 40 09