Restaurant De Kas



Restaurant De Kas

In 2001, top chef Gert Jan Hageman, who had earned a Michelin star in Dutch haute cuisine, found a new direction for his own career and a new purpose for the old greenhouse that belonged to Amsterdam’s Municipal Nursery, which dated from 1926, and was due to be demolished. With a lot of luck and help from the municipality and his family and friends, Hageman succeeded in converting the unique
8-metre high glass building into a restaurant and nursery.

Situated in Frankendael Park, between the Rembrandt Tower and 
the 19th century facades of Watergraafsmeer, De Kas is an oasis of calm for the fifty-thousand guests who dine there each year; either in the breathtaking dining room designed by Piet Boon, or if weather permits
outside in the herb garden.

At De Kas we firmly believe that food tastes best when it is prepared using the freshest ingredients, grown and harvested with respect for nature.

De Kas has its own greenhouses and garden near the restaurant, where we grow Mediterranean vegetables, herbs and edible flowers. We also have a large field about 6 miles from Amsterdam in the Beemster region, where we grow seasonal vegetables outdoors.
The founder and owner of De Kas, Gert Jan Hageman, is in charge of the nursery. He can be found there every day, working the soil, planting, weeding and harvesting the finest herbs and vegetables for our kitchen.

De Kas’ chefs and wait staff regularly lend him a helping hand. Harvesting in the field takes place at sunrise every day so that the restaurant’s guests can enjoy the freshest possible ingredients.
From May to October, our guests are welcome to tour the nursery and garden in Amsterdam or attend a workshop in the field in the Beemster led by our green brigade. 

Because we are unable to grow everything we need ourselves, we supplement our harvest with fresh ingredients purchased from environmentally farmers in the vicinity of Amsterdam.

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Restaurant De Kas
Kamerlingh Onneslaan 3
1097 DE Amsterdam
Tel: +31 (0)20-4624562