Led by Chef Sidney Schutte and restaurant manager, Ralph van Hattem, Spectrum is a dynamic restaurant with a proud Dutch heritage. 

Sidney Schutte:

“We don’t have to travel abroad for the best and most beautiful products, we have it all right here! Everything we need is around us: North Sea fishermen who bring in fresh fish every day and our well known Dutch farmers with generations of expertise. I’m always so thrilled to see what wonderful ingredients they come up with this season. This is exactly the thing that inspires me to get to work and create amazing new things with my incredible team”.

“Through many years of experience, starting at home at a very young age and later working abroad in the most prominent hotels and restaurants, I’ve envolved my unconditional love for cooking, tasting, eating and refined drinks. Even though I’m a very down-to-earth kind of guy from a small town in Zeeland, I approach every day as a gift and a chance to search, develop and create culinary adventures. My goal is to surprise you with a beautiful range of delicious, powerful and intense flavors and give you an unforgettable experience”.

Two Michelin Stars

Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam
Herengracht 542-556
1017 CG Amsterdam
t: +31-20-7184635