Ron Gastrobars

Eating out should be a real treat, according to Ron Blaauw. And you will feel that, the minute you enter one of his Gastrobars. Fuss-free, unpretentious, relaxed culinary indulgence. Ron Blaauw’s Gastrobars are inviting restaurants with a variety of cuisines. Vibrant places where the atmosphere is warm and the dishes uncomplicated and pure.

If you are looking for a culinary outing to a special restaurant in Amsterdam or Ouderkerk aan de Amstel, be sure to visit one of the Ron Gastrobar restaurants. At Ron Gastrobar, you can go from business lunch to family dinner and from drinking cocktails with friends to dancing until late. At Ron Gastrobar, it’s all about flavour and quality. Our restaurant on Sophialaan was even awarded with a Michelin star. At Ron Gastrobar restaurants, you will find excellent food and a fantastic experience. The restaurants are attractive and inviting, and we make eating out a special treat for all our guests, all according to Ron Blaauw’s philosophy. Experience it for yourself!


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Ron Gastrobar (1 Michelin Star – 2021)
Ron Gastrobar Oriental Downtown
Ron Gastrobar Indonesia