BIT Grill and Café

BIT Grill & Café is a steak restaurant at Buitenhof near Hotel Corona. Visit BIT (Best In Town) for breakfast, lunch, business lunches, coffee and dinner. Thanks to its location in the The Hague city centre, the restaurant is also an excellent place to dine before a theatre performance or visit to the cinema. The Pathé Buitenhof cinema is directly opposite BIT. BIT Grill & Café is open every day.  

The interior of BIT radiates an informal atmosphere. From Buitenhof the unique conservatory immediately catches the eye. Inside, the interior is characterized by a no-nonsense look with natural, sturdy materials such as copper and many recurring wooden elements. The restaurant is designed so that guests can sit around a long wooden refectory table in a large group or in a quiet corner for a business meeting. The Josper grill is responsible for the best Rib Roast and Entrecôte Double from the Irish Angus Beef, or enjoy the classic Gourmet burger.

BIT Grill & Café
Buitenhof 39, 
2513 AH Den Haag
+31 70 790 00 32