Auberge De Herborist

Known in the land register since the 11th century and later serving as a hunting pavilion to the lords of the manor and also as the gardener’s home in the 19th and 20th century, the building ended up in the hands of the Hanbuckers family in 1985. The derelict farm has been carefully renovated and converted into a restaurant that easily accommodates 60 guests, occupying four different rooms that are linked together.

Alex Hanbuckers

Born in ’72 as the son of hotel keepers in Ypres, I grew up in the catering industry.
I didn’t go to catering college, however, but chose a more classical training, taking subjects such as modern languages, economics and trade.

Being a child of self-employed people, I was asked to do multiple chores in the family business during holidays and at weekends. I gradually learned to know and love the world of catering, having fun and making a bit of pocket money in the process

In 1992, my father and I opened ‘Auberge The Herborist’. As a young self-employed assistant, I became the right hand of our chef and soon we began to build a young and dynamic team.

Having taken over the operating side of things in 2004, I was able to purchase the business from my father in 2008. In 2009 my wife Evy Delaey decided to join the restaurant in order to provide a charming welcome to our guests…

Since then, we’ve been running the Herborist together and we intend to continue to do so ambitiously, supported by our talented team.

Auberge De Herborist 
De Watermolen 15 
8200 Sint-Andries (Bruges)
Tel. +32 50 38 76 00