Guest Reviews

Our Guest Reviews:

By: Amsterdam
Reviewed on: 22 Jan 2020
Excellent. I would recommend them to anyone who wants to travel to the Netherlands. His package was well thought out and well executed.

By: Traveler
Reviewed on: 30 Nov 2019
Guide was great. He took us to museums and walked around the city. I would definitely recommend him to others

The best
By: Gracie
Reviewed on: 07 Nov 2019
Our guide, Sanne, was brilliant and so much fun. He made our day so special!
Great tour

By: Creighton
Reviewed on: 31 Oct 2019
Amsterdam was a pleasant surprise
Dutch leg

By: Tarulli views
Reviewed on: 06 Oct 2019
We loved this leg of the trip. Planning thru this group seemed easier to work with. The guide and the stops were great. They listened to what we had in mind, and planned a trip to have us see interesting sights in our areas of interest.

By: Just a lawyer
Reviewed on: 24 Sep 2019
Edwin and his colleagues made excellent recommendations for our visit to Amsterdam and the guides they provided, Aletta, Mark, in the museums and Edwin himself were superb

Dutch Travel Advisor
By: Lola
Reviewed on: 31 Aug 2019
Very good and enjoyable

By: J
Reviewed on: 31 Aug 2019
Ronald was our tour guide for a very long day. Unfortunately, I was pretty sick that day, yet the tour was such fun! He took us to Delft, to a Delft China workshop, which was SO interesting to us, then biking from a North Sea resort to The Hague. We had a great time with him, and would definitely recommend him to others, and would ask for him again ourselves.

Canal Tour
By: Sarasota
Reviewed on: 28 Aug 2019
Fun day with nice lunch.

Dutch Travel Advisor
By: Elizabeth
Reviewed on: 27 Aug 2019
Well planned trip

Brugge – Old Town
By: Deborah
Reviewed on: 07 Aug 2019
We had several tours with three of their guides and all were super friendly , knowledgeable and helpful.

Great tours in Brussels and Bruges
By: Cameron
Reviewed on: 19 Jul 2019
Our guide, Erik, met us at the Brussels train station and took us on a fabulous gourmet tour of the city. We saw all the major sights and sampled fries, waffles, beer, and chocolates. It was a great combination of seeing sights and learning history balanced with laid back breaks sampling great food and drinks. The next day we toured with Johan in Bruges. This was a fabulous day. We saw all of the places on our list, including a tour of a local Belgian brewer. We also had an opportunity to sample some truly gourmet waffles! Again, the balance of the day was perfect in this picture perfect town. To top it off, (another) Johan provided us with excellent transportation between Brussels and Ghent on both ends of our trip. I definitely recommend The Dutch Travel Advisor if you are in Belgium.

Guides in Amsterdam
By: Dulany
Reviewed on: 15 Jul 2019
We had two amazing guides while in Amsterdam. My husband and I did a walking tour of Amsterdam and enjoyed our wonderful tour guide who we spent 3 hours with seeing all parts of Amsterdam. Then, we enjoyed another guide who took us to the Rijkes Museum and The Van Gogh Museum. He was fabulous as well. Highly recommend this company. Both VERY friendly and knowledgable.

Rembrandts and more
By: SM
Reviewed on: 20 Jun 2019
Did not like Conservatorium Hotel. Front desk was not good at all and the weakest part of our trip to date. Art tour guide was fantastic and wish we’d had another day with him at a couple other museums.

Happy tripper
By: happy tripper
Reviewed on: 19 Jun 2019
We had a really good day in Holland. They organised lots for us to fit in in just one day and he was a really good adviser who spent the day with us. I would not recommend going to the little boutique brew y to any one. It was a bit dirty.

By: Tag along
Reviewed on: 11 Jun 2019
Excellent tours to interesting and exciting venues. Guides were very accomodating of those with mobility issues.
Great trip!

Reviewed on: 14 May 2019
This was one of my best vacations ever! All details were considered and everything was made so easy and enjoyable! Recommend without hesitation!

Happy Travelers
By: Happy travelers
Reviewed on: 03 Dec 2018
Lively conversationalist, attuned to clients’ preferences and very willing to accommodate all needs. Very knowledgeable–we had a grand adventure!!!

By: Paige
Reviewed on: 07 Nov 2018
The trip organized by the Dutch travel company was outstanding. The guides were all very pleasant and provided excellent insights. I would absolutely recommend this team to plan and guide a vacation.

By: Karen K
Reviewed on: 07 Oct 2018
Great experience with all excursions. Edwin was terrific and everything we had booked was a pleasant outing and informative. From cheese making on the farm…learning about and seeing them stop the working windmill and watch the inner workings …. to the flower mart….would highly recommend their organization to all!!!
Travel end date: 30 Sep 2018

By: Charles G
Reviewed on: 01 Oct 2018
Edwin was great on our day tour. Very knowledgeable about where we went and what we wanted to see. Full of facts. Very nice BMW to spend the day in. He was personable but straight forward as most of the Dutch are. Would definitely use him again.
Travel end date: 15 Sep 2018

A wonderful first experience in the Netherlands.
By: Susan M
Reviewed on: 26 May 2018
Our Flower and Cheese tour with The Dutch Travel Advisor was everything we wanted and more. Miranda was a marvelous driver and guide. The tour and explanation she gave us of the Aalsmeer Flower Aution was so knowledgeable. My husband and I then truly enjoyed making cheese and touring the farm. It was quite an experience to meet the owners of the farm. If that was not enough we then met the owner of a bulb farm who really taught us a lot about his business and then took us to a friend’s farm who raises tulips. The whole day was unforgettable. We will be returning to the Netherlands and hope to use this company again.
Travel end date: 13 May 2018

Beautiful City
By: Andy & Margaret
Reviewed on: 23 Jan 2018
We enjoyed the entire experience of visiting Amsterdam. We had a great guide who offered an unforgettable tour of everything to do and see in Amsterdam. We had a blast on the boat tour through the canals and will never forget his attention to detail and altering each day to incorporate other sites he knew that we would enjoy. There was no better way to see this city!
Travel end date: 10 Jan 2018

Dutch Travel
By: Kelly Z
Reviewed on: 02 Oct 2017
Great driver and guides. We felt like they were friends not guides. Lots of local off beaten path info.
Travel end date: 25 Sep 2017

Well worth it
By: Jamine S
Reviewed on: 28 Aug 2017
We did two tours with them. Amazing walking tour all day around Amsterdam, included some spots we wouldnt have thought of-Van Loon house/museum, archives-super nice informative guide, took us thru VanGogh museum; amazing boat ride w lunch on antique boat, ended w fun experience at microbrewery w tasting. Also wonderful guide to go out to see the windmills, walk around town of Edam, nice outdoor lunch then trip to farm to do cheesemaking and tour. Both guides nice and excellent. Highly recommend both.
Travel end date: 17 Aug 2017

Amsterdam walking tour and blue line boat canal tour
By: Marion H
Reviewed on: 23 Jun 2017
Mark was our EXCELLENT! Amsterdam walking Tour guide. We had two families age 60ish through 21 and he was able to engage everyone. Extremely knowledgeable and articulate. Astute in reading his audience. The blue line tour is a generic tour which we knew but I might have hired a private boat and done early evening tour. No fault of boat line or my travel agent- it was exactly as described- but can feel like you are in a terrarium on hot afternoons- and we were lucky to have such wonderful warm weather.
Travel end date: 16 Jun 2017

A quick view of Amsterdam
By: John & Kennie N
Reviewed on: 29 May 2017
We loved Amsterdam and the exclusive tour we had. A private boat and lunch through the canals as well as expedited entry to Anne Frank house. So much special help and information.
Travel end date: 23 May 2017

Review of Guide
By: Anita C and Eric F
Reviewed on: 17 May 2017
Ronald, of The Dutch Travel Advisor, was our private guide in the Netherlands for two days. He was extremely knowledgeable, well-organized and helpful in all respects. We also enjoyed his excellent sense of humor. It was like traveling with a family friend to the places and people that he loved best, in his homeland.
Travel end date: 10 May 2017

By: James H
Reviewed on: 15 May 2017
All of the guides provided a well informed educational experience. I highly recommend using the Dutch Travel Advisor. They provided some unique experiences for us that most visitors or tourist ever get to see. Exactly what we wanted.
Travel end date: 07 May 2017

Mike & Sue E
By: Mike & Sue’s Rhine River Cruise
Reviewed on: 15 May 2017
The day-long flower could not have been better. Our Dutch guide was terrific. He showed us everything we could have asked for. The orchid grower he took us to was interesting and very welcoming in her green houses. We enjoyed the whole day. Perhaps the best was lunch with our guide and his wife in their home in Lisse, NL. They were both great hosts to us and served us a very nice lunch. This day could not have worked better for us.
Travel end date: 08 May 2017

Awesome trip to Amsterdam
By: Barbara M
Reviewed on: 07 May 2017
We loved our time in Amsterdam from the hotel with a great location and amenities; to a fabulous program that incorporated all of our “must sees”. Each morning we were met by a guide who was knowledgeable and fun. Each guide had made all of the necessary arrangements including tickets to the museums etc. that were on the day’s agenda. I’d highly recommend them.
Travel end date: 02 May 2017