Guest Reviews



By: James

Reviewed on: 15 May 2017

All of the guides provided a well informed educational experience. I highly recommend using the Dutch Travel Advisor. They provided some unique experiences for us that most visitors or tourist ever get to see. Exactly what we wanted.

Travel end date: 07 May 2017


Mike & Sue E

By: Mike & Sue’s Rhine River Cruise

Reviewed on: 15 May 2017

The day-long flower could not have been better. Our Dutch guide was terrific. He showed us everything we could have asked for. The orchid grower he took us to was interesting and very welcoming in her green houses. We enjoyed the whole day. Perhaps the best was lunch with our guide and his wife in their home in Lisse, NL. They were both great hosts to us and served us a very nice lunch. This day could not have worked better for us.

Travel end date: 08 May 2017


Awesome trip to Amsterdam 

By: Barbara M

Reviewed on: 07 May 2017

We loved our time in Amsterdam from the hotel with a great location and amenities; to a fabulous program that incorporated all of our “must sees”. Each morning we were met by a guide who was knowledgeable and fun. Each guide had made all of the necessary arrangements including tickets to the museums etc. that were on the day’s agenda. I’d highly recommend them.

Travel end date: 02 May 2017


Great tour

By: Tom

Reviewed on: 11 Aug 2016

Guide was knowledgeable and affable. Made the day breeze by! Saw all I wanted.

Travel end date: 06 Aug 2016