The Dutch Travel Advisor

Specialized in Exclusive, Custom-Made and Off the Beaten Path Tours

The Dutch Travel Advisor, in business since 2003,  specializes in private and custom-made tours through the Netherlands and Belgium. Our tours are off the beaten path, exclusive and high-end. We work mainly with individuals, couples, families and small groups. 

We look forward to working with you and meeting your clients, or perhaps even yourself!

Edwin Groeneweg
CEO and Founder

We are proud to be the only Virtuoso (industry’s leading leisure luxury travel network, worldwide) Preferred Onsite for the Netherlands. As such, we feel honored that since March 2016, we can operate within the Virtuoso Network , and work with the many great advisors that are a part of this network.


Other Affiliations

Of course, we also work with non-Virtuoso affiliated agencies. We are not limited to the Virtuoso Network.



Everything we do is custom-made and therefore, we don’t work with fixed itineraries. To give you an idea about what we can offer, please have a look at our example itineraries by clicking on the Browse Tours button below.



We work mostly with four and five star rated hotels, including the Virtuoso Hotels in both the Netherlands and Belgium.
To see which hotels we recommend, please click on the Browse Hotels button below.



To see the lists with our recommended restaurants, up to Michelin star rated, please click on the Browse Restaurants button below. We unfortunately don’t make reservations anymore.     

Our Services

Naturally, we feel there are a great many reasons why you should work with us. Below we have listed what in our opinion are the six most important reasons that will hopefully convince you to connect with us and to start working with us.


Customized Private Travel

The Dutch Travel advisor is specialized in customized, private, off-the-beaten-path tours for individuals, couples, (multi-generational) families and small groups.

High End Service

Because of our dedication to high-end service, your requests and emails will always be responded to within 24 hours. We also provide emergency numbers.

High Quality Tours

We work with the best English-speaking professional art-historian guides available. Our drivers are equally professional and speak English fluently.


Exclusive Connections

Experience the Netherlands like an insider with The Dutch Travel advisor. With our exclusive connections, we can open doors that remain closed to others.


We write and produce an informative newsletter called the Holland Journal, detailing unique sights, hotels and events throughout the country.


Detailed Itineraries

Our tours range from one-day to multi-night packages, in both the Netherlands and Belgium, all with a detailed itinerary that leaves nothing to chance.

About Us

Edwin Groeneweg

With over 30 years of experience in travel, hotels and sales, CEO and founder Edwin Groeneweg can be called an industry veteran.  After making a career in several leading hotels, he made the switch to incoming travel, when he started The Dutch Travel Advisor in 2003. Edwin strives for perfection with high service and unique experiences. By listening carefully to his clients, he knows exactly what they need and therefore gives them a journey they will never forget.

Rick Bezemer

Rick has been with The Dutch Travel advisor since 2015. As Project Manager he wears many hats, but he is mainly responsible for handling incoming inquiries from start to finish. Before joining the Dutch Travel Advisor, Rick worked in outbound business travel. For over 20 years, he worked for a small agency that organized study programs for Dutch business and government executives. He holds a Master’s Degree in European Studies from the University of Amsterdam.